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My 2 week internship in Chak & Associates LLP

It has indeed been a pleasurable, fruitful, and enriching 2-week in Chak & Associates. Through meetings with clients, Counsels and attending court trials, I mirrored the life of a solicitor and submerged into Chak & Associates’ pleasant law firm culture.

I joined various client meetings and was allowed to discuss real-life cases with associates. By examining the cases with them, I learned how to think like a lawyer. In addition, I gained much knowledge regarding legal procedures by observing how solicitors deal with cases in different stages before a trial commences.

Moreover, as everyone would have known, a case at the Court of Final Appeal (CFA) is not only uncommon but rare. During this 2-week, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to accompany and take part in a CFA case. I will always treasure this experience and will never forget that solemn yet thrilling atmosphere in the CFA.

Furthermore, Chak & Associates' office culture is helpful, engaging and joyful. Despite the law firm's heavy workload, whenever I struggle with the work they provide, everyone is supportive and delighted to lend me a helping hand! Not only so, but at the end of my first week, the office also offered everyone seared beef tongues and melons, and we all had great fun enjoying it!

To conclude, not only I have fun, but I also acquired pieces of knowledge that university tutors and books did not teach. Experiences and insights that only Chak & Associates could have offered.

Brian Li

Summer 2022

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