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We can advice you: 

  • Business Foundation Structure 

  • Shareholder Agreement 

  • Compliance Issues 

  • Contractual Risks 

Early Growth

We can advice you: 

  • Strategic Investment Structure 

  • Investment Agreement 

  • Due Diligence Report

  • Investment Risk Management

Sustained Growth

We can advice you: 

  • Investment / Pre-IPO Structure 

  • Investment Agreement 

  • Due Diligence Report 

  • Project Financing 

  • Exit Strategy 

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As a start-up, you need everything in order to appeal to investors, corporate structure, contracts, compliance, etc. Chak & Associates LLP is a law firm with a focus on helping start-up companies raise funds so whether you are looking for angel investment, seed or series funding, our team can help you move your business forward. 

Raymond Chak, Managing Partner

Locking the deal 
with the right terms

Term sheet / SAFE, we will help you prepare / review all key terms of engagement such as investment structure, board seat, share pricing and business autonomy. 

Advance prepare and ready for investor audit 

Investors need to see that every bit of your company is supported by clean documents, we will make you get it right. 

Done deal without making a fuss

We will negotiate the best deal term on your behalf as well as preserving a harmony relationship with your investor. Get investment fund to your business as early as possible.  

Fund Raising Made Simple.

Your Trusted Legal Partner

Every Start-up innovation wants to present themselves as a must-have investment opportunity in front of investors. However, without proper legal advice the business may not have the right structure to meet investor requirements. We understand raising funds can be a lengthily, time-consuming process os we have made this process simple and stress-free so you can focus on business growth. 


  • 5,000+ private company clients 

  • Advising client on membership agreement, digital data privacy compliance, PDPO, GDRP 

  • Deep experience in licensing, M&A, VC and PE Financing 

  • patent advising and intellectual property 

  • think like our clients think, strategic cost-effective advice  

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Don't Let Any Legal Issue Be An Obstacle To Your Goal

Is reading through legal documents giving you headache? Are you struggling to decide how to move forward? Should your idea be properly protected by patent rights? Don’t let legal issue be an obstacle to your goal.




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