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Comprehensive Advice to Venture Capitalist

The Best Legal Service To Protect Your

Start-up Investment

Is Your Investment Exposed To Legal Pitfalls. 


Is valuation a science or art? What is the mechanism to get the best valuation?


Different types of shares give you different type of right and return.   A particular choice of share can allow for dividends, motivate employees, or impact the voting rights within startup.


Investor’s experience and network in the industry can definitely raise the startup to the next level.   Your involvement in decision making and control can be safeguarded by proper documentation. 


Sometime it is best to finance the startup by way of convertible note instead of obtaining equity upfront.   Investor can make an informed decision by knowing all pros and cons.


We prepare for positive outcomes- IPO, acquisitions or buyouts, we also prepare for negative outcomes – what if the startup fails? How to strike a balance between waiting long enough to ensure that exit will generate a profit, or cut the loss and avoid any potential liability?

Why Choose Chak & Associates LLP.

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Investing in an early start-up has the potential to lead to substantial returns. These deals however, carry significant risks if they go badly so it is essential your investment is protected by the proper terms and documents. At Chak & Associates LLP, we have tailored just a service to help institutional investors like you to safeguard your investment.

Celia Chan, Partner / Corporate Division

Let Us Handle The Work For You.

Due Diligence

Fast and comprehensive legal due diligence report help you decide what factors to investigate before you invest.

Comprehensive Documentation

Comprehensive documentation: closing the deal with term sheets, shareholders’ agreement, shares purchase agreement, amended article and attending to all closing documents.

Stakeholder Money 

We hold the investment sum as stakeholder for overseas investors.  Trustworthy, no fuss, no delay. 


Your Trusted Legal Partner

Every Start-up innovation wants to present themselves as a must-have investment opportunity in front of investors. However, without proper legal advice the business may not have the right structure to meet investor requirements. We understand raising funds can be a lengthily, time-consuming process os we have made this process simple and stress-free so you can focus on business growth. 

Due Diligence Works

You have chosen your target company, and we are here to make sure you see things you ought to know underneath the candy warp in order to make sure your investment is well protected. 

Trusted by Prestige Corporates.

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We care about your investment as much as you do.  We look after your investment by proper documentations and close connection with the investment ecosystem and therefore, the investment cycle shall go on finally exit in the way you have planned.  




Stay In Touch.

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