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Lawyer's Journal - A Special Summer Experience

Adulthood is filled with responsibilities that you must carry, burdens that you must bare, expectations that you must meet and most of all, your very own future on shoulders. My thoughts for my future didn’t come to me until I was half way through secondary school, that was when I found my interest digging through the nooks and crannies of Law. Getting into a good University for Law is never an easy path, much less getting a training contract for a career as a lawyer. That is why I am so grateful to Mr. Chak for providing me this opportunity to learn side by side with real lawyers.

Though my time at Chak & Associates was short, I very much enjoyed working here. I found that working with at a firm is very much like a roller coaster ride, you have the tedious paperwork, and you have the excitement from working with real clients. Funny enough, most people often reject responsibility, for it can be quite a scary thing. But at work, being assigned a task, being empowered and counted on for a task really makes you feel valued and that your work does matter.

The friendliness of the firm never ceases to amaze me, rather than stuck up lawyers we see on television shows, the people here are down to earth and as engaging and helpful as one can be. We chat during lunch time, about work, hobbies and sometimes, even girls. Whilst we do do our work seriously, we also like to have fun on the side.

Personally, I’m not the brightest kid in the block, which often causes trouble as my curious self often asks questions which I myself cannot answer. Therefore I seem to bother my colleagues at every turn with simple questions like; what is NEC? How does the Court operate? How does battery work? But despite the silly questions I ask, their helpfulness never ceases. I am glad I was able to work here even if for a little while.

This experience has been invaluable in so many ways, and has opened my eyes on what it means to actually work as a lawyer. If I could return in the future, I would most certainly do so. I will cherish the knowledge that I’ve learnt and hopefully, this will become my very first step towards a brighter future.

Dennis Lo Internship 2014

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