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Lawyer's Journal - 10 Year Special Christmas Service

I am so grateful to be invited and attended to the Hong Kong Student Aid Society (HKSAS)’s 56th AGM early this month. And I have just realized that it’s also the 10th year that we, Chak & Associates, have been contributing our resources and efforts working with them together for the needy children in the society. HKSAS serves and educates the needy children who mainly come from families with inadequate care by providing them with all necessary care and concern so that their potentials can be developed to the full. In addition to operating child centres for children aged from 0-20, HKSAS also assisting foster care families --- families who are willing to adopt the care and custody of children with needs as if their own child. We have been organizing the Christmas Party at one of the HKSAS centres in the past 10 years; we call for toy donations from clients, sponsor the caterings and donate our office stationeries...etc. Moreover, all our staff organize and play different games with the children and families on the day and the Christmas gift giving by our C&A Santa is the most highlighted ending section in the event every year. It can’t be imagined how wonderful and meaningful a Christmas celebrating party is to all those needy children until you have seen their happy faces! Paying a small budget from the firm and spending a few hours time in a day means nothing to us, it does mean a lot to them! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank for all my kind-hearted staff for their efforts not only in my firm, but also to the community. I am proud of having you all in these 10 years continuing to serve our society; this is one of the C&A cultures, and this is our DNA!

Raymond Chak

Founder of Chak & Associates

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