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Fresh experience in Chak & Associates LLP

It has been a fruitful experience working as an intern at Chak And Associates, although I am still a high school student, the internship has provided me with a lot of practical legal knowledge and strengthened my interest in studying law in the future.

I particularly enjoy being part of the meetings with our clients. It is so interesting to learn about different legal issues connected to our closest daily activities ranging from business disputes to family disputes. I also learnt to think from a lawyer’s perspective, which helps avoid the general mistakes made from laymen when observing a case. The most memorable case I have read is about a car accident at Lai Chi Kwok road that damaged 6 cars and left the driver, who is one of the defendants, dead afterwards. Our client was the owner of a car rental company that rented out the vehicle which caused the accident. However, due to some communication issues, the insurance company refused the company’s insurance claim. The most important life lesson I’ve learnt from these cases was to record any sort of evidence to make things easier if there would be potential legal issues after the incident.

From conducting research to photocopying statements, the friendly and helpful atmosphere has made me comfortable in seeking help whenever I needed. Colleagues were also supportive and patient when it comes to explaining our mistakes and other additional legal information.

To conclude, I have had fun during this short 2 week internship, and it has successfully changed my general perception on law firms having great competition and an extremely stressful working environment. Chak and Associates has created a brilliant working environment and I am grateful to have been part of the team.


Summer 2022

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