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Our Featured Case Study.

Our future rest upon various key technology development, including 5G, AI robotic, autonomous driving vehicle, VR & AR and many more. We assist a rising VR & AR content developer closing a round of strategic investment with a US5B worth AR headset device manufacturer. The deal was concluded satisfactory despite there were struggle of board seats and voting power in between existing shareholders and new investor. After elaboration and negotiation, the parties resolve all differences and concede with our recommendation regarding corporate structure, share ratio and controlling power. 

Case Study no.1

Advising an emerging AR & VR game developer closing a strategic investment partnership with a 3D AR device manufacturer ...

Our legal team professionals provide valuable assistance to an AR/VR developer collaborating with a well-known industry hardware manufacturer. We advice and help thoughtout negotiate process and draft collaboration agreements, protect intellectual property rights, ensure compliance with regulations, manage risks, advise on dispute resolution, and provide business and commercial advice. By engaging a legal team with expertise in intellectual property and technology transactions, the parties can secure legal protection, navigate complex legal requirements, and maximize the benefits of a valuable collaboration.


We advise our client on intelligent warehouse solutions leveraging robotics and machinery to reduce warehousing costs and optimising operational efficiency.   When this client first approached us, they were only asking for a warehouse agreement.  After in depth discussion with them, we have addressed all relevant issues and concern about their venture, including the proper product liability insurance issue, and how to protect their intellectual property rights etc.  Since then, we have been working closely together and after rounds of successful fund raising, this client even has the opportunity to cooperate with MTRC to set up the first unmanned store with smart vending stations in Hong Kong with tremendous support from HKSTP.  We advise on the relevant terms and conditions for this unique business model and the cooperation with MTRC. 

Case Study no.2

Advising an emerging robotic company closing a strategic implementation project with MTRC Hong Kong...


Exporters rely on credit and trade finance traditionally provided by banks and export insurance service providers. We advice an exporter in a multi-courtrooms dispute regarding trade financing service provided by several rising fin-tech entities. Exporters are warned to be caution when to promises and representation made by trade finance sales representatives in particular with trade insurance coverage, insurance claim duration, insurer identity, insurance preimum. Failing which exporters may not be able to obtain financing as promised by those finance institutes but even facing a heavy claim for unlimited admin charges, late penalties and endless interest on principal. 

Case Study no.3

Advising synthetic material exporter in multi High Court actions against rising fin tech companies specialised in trade financing and credit insurance ....

We advised a rising big data & e-marketing service provider closing a round of 20M strategic investment with a listed company. The deal was concluded satisfactory despite there were disagreement over board decisions and what matters requires an unanimous decision in between existing shareholders and new investor. After elaboration and negotiation, the parties resolve the differences and concede with our recommendation regarding corporate governance, voting mechanism and power to veto corporate decision. Most importantly, the investment was successful and drawn down was made within estimate time frame and new fund were available for company's various development projects.   

Advising an innovative AI and big data emerging tech company closing a strategic investment with a listed company in Hong Kong ...  

Case study no.4

As the professional partner with HKSTP, we have been working together for more than 6 years now.  We experience the dynamics cultures and rapid changes in the development of innovations in Hong Kong, and we are always here to provide full legal services support to the HKSTP and their incubatees.  In 2019, we even set up our branch office in HKSTP to provide more accessible and more importantly, more affordable legal services to the startups.  We trust that good legal services are of utmost importance for startups for closing the deals with investor, which maybe a life changing experience for the entrepreneur as a dream comes true.    

Case study no.5

Advising Hong Kong Science & Technology Park in the leading open innovation platform that takes corporate innovation with deep-tech solutions from global tech ventures to the work, Global Acceleration Academy (GAA)... 


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