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Self-supported at Sahara Race (Jordan) 2014 Spread the spirit – Overcome the challenges

The Sahara Race (Jordan) 2014 will take place from 16 – 22 Feb 2014 next year. It is one of the four races that comprise the world renowned 4 Deserts Race Series of 250-kilometer, 6-stage of rough-country footraces which would require competitors to pass through up 30 checkpoints throughout the seven-day event before crossing the finish line. It is absolutely the extreme challenge to the human’s strength and patience.

There are approximately 200 competitors from 40 countries and districts joining the Sahara Race (Jordan) 2014. All competitors will cross the four distinct deserts of Wadi Rum, Kharaza, Humaima and Wadi Araba and finish in the ancient city and World UNESCO Heritage Site of Petra. The terrain of the course will vary between sand, sand dunes, dirt/rock track and grasses with competitors navigating canyons, river beds, valleys and local villages in areas seeped in Jordanian culture and history.

Christian Zheng Sheng College is a private school in Hong Kong established by its Founder and Principal Mr Alman Chan in 1998. Christian Zheng Sheng College is the only educational establishment dedicated to helping reform problematic students with drug addiction and other problems using life education. As a private school, it does not receive any subsidies from the Education Bureau. The aims of the donations to the college are giving chances to young generations, helping them to explore and having a special and meaningful life experience, spreading the spirits of making breakthrough. The experience from participating at the Race would definitely be meaningful and inspiring to today's youngsters and especially, to their peers. The donation funds will be spent on improving not only the educational facilities, but also the living environment of the school campus in the Lantau Island.

Please join hands with Mr Chak, Mr Hung and Shun Yin and donate the funds to support Christian Zheng Sheng College. You could donate the funds to our office account or to Christian Zheng Sheng College’s bank account directly. Please email your name, donation amount, contact number, mailing address and deposit slip to us, so that we could send you the receipt accordingly.

Account Name: Christian Zheng Sheng Association Limited HSBC Bank Account No.: 493-1-004362 Contact person: Mr Chan Siu Cheuk Tel: +852 9307 1102 Email:

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