Enjoying an irreplaceable position as the regional financial hub, Hong Kong is considered as the gateway to China due to Hong Kong’s geographic proximity to the Mainland China and closer economic relationships between China and Hong Kong; it means that Hong Kong businesses would enter the Chinese market more quickly and easily. Being a reliable partner to clients, we dedicate our resources to help them grasp the abundant business opportunities and limitless expansion potentials in China.

The division comprises of experienced professionals equipped with in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework affecting foreign investment in China, we are capable of leading the companies through the new business environment when they are expanding their presence in China by avoiding any unnecessary procedures and costs and handling any legal obstacles encountered during the process. We keep up with the changes in the law system in China and prepare documents in accordance with Chinese requirements and customs. Examples of our services are litigation consultation, advice on setting up offices or joint ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions activities, pre-IPO advice and Tax matters. We also assist clients in seeking suitable professional bodies in different fields in order to meet with their needs in China.

  • CEPA related service
  • PRC litigation
  • PRC intellectual property
  • IP enforcement in China
  • Commercial matter
  • PRC IPO in HK
  • PRC corporate finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • PRC taxation
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