Hong Kong’s garment firms are a leading global force in the industry. Several of the world’s leading garment firms are headquartered in Hong Kong and it has been estimated that Hong Kong firms control on the order of a quarter or more of world garment trade.  Companies have benefited from Hong Kong’s openness, managerial skills, financial sector, international linkages, transportation system, and communications infrastructure, while offsetting disadvantages in labour and other costs by shifting production into the Chinese Mainland.

The major issues that our garment clients are facing from operating in the PRD are rising operating costs, a shortage of skilled workers, a decrease in orders from overseas buyers, competition from other developing countries, increased order frequency, reduced individual order volume, changing styles, a demand for speedier delivery, higher quality demands from end customers, and the appreciation in the RMB. Competition in the garment industry within China and between China and other locations is intensified by low entry barriers.

It’s no wonder that clients are often confused by different legal issues from running their business and trade under and in between different legal system countries and places; such as intellectual property registration, tort, agency, distribution, product quality disputes and payment disputes and other issues.

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