Hong Kong is the world's largest consumer export audio and video electronic products, mobile phone and computer components; there are thousands of local and foreign electronics companies, where the largest international leading semiconductor companies and electronics brands have running a business in Hong Kong.  

The industry continues to evolve rapidly; all companies in the industry such as suppliers of raw materials, electronics factory, design and technology development, manufacturers, assembly, distributors and exporters and etc, race to be the first-to-market with the latest technological breakthrough. 

Our team of professional lawyers is experience in serving customers in the electronics industry for more than a decade, we understand the issues affecting the global consumer electronics markets and serve as trusted advisors to leading companies in this sector.  The most common problem among different parties in the industry arise from having no clearly defined production, trading and distribution of contract or the terms of the contract is not detailed enough and lead to payment arrears.

Our lawyers stay current include computer hardware and semiconductors; software, Internet, and videogame; global positioning and mapping; memory and storage; security; LCD and LED displays; mobile and wireless; user interface; and others.

We counsel established and emerging electronics companies in commercial, business, and intellectual property litigation, and on a wide range of corporate business transactions, including licensing transactions, collaborations, and technology transfers, working always to determine and execute the competitive and legal strategies that help further and achieve our clients’ business goals.

List of our client

ele pro-united       ele powerline-r       ele asano r       ele sanwa technologies       ele anex       ele universal       ele qualtech       ele forsa r       ele united electronics       ele sunpet       ele protronic       ele timax       ele kwong wah       ele vander       ele smartec       ele sunon       ele kopen       ele tsuenshing       ele global china       ele main power       ele union       ele supertex       ele fenda       ele think       ele eletek       ele ggec       ele strand lighting       ele sumida       ele eureka       ele rtx       ele emei r       ele navstar      

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