We aim to attract and retain the Best People

Chak & Associates stands apart from our competitors in what we offer to our people, because we provide:

  • Exciting and satisfying work: Challenging, complex work that is focused on core clients.
  • Career Opportunities: Our working environment is a true meritocracy where everyone is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Financial Rewards: Rewarding people with top-of-the-market remuneration, complemented with variable incentives based upon personal choice.
  • Flexible Working Environment: First class support and training in a working environment which is flexible and friendly, enabling our lawyers and other staff to achieve their goals.
Exciting and Satisfying Work

Chak & Associates has an extensive client base generates complex and premium work offering exciting opportunities involving challenging matters and projects at the forefront of legal developments.

The firm's strong team culture and the work undertaken by the firm’s people for its wide ranging client base are the single most important factors in making it the employer of choice for young lawyers.

Continuous Learning

We provide our lawyers with hands-on experience supported by personal guidance of partners and formal training. We provide a continuous learning environment supported by a strong commitment to both formal and informal education, and development.

Career Development

We place significant importance on career development and provide subsidies and assistance for external study and actively encourage our junior staff learn more from clients they have in touch with.

Our ongoing Performance Review Staff Development (PRSD) program enables us to adhere to a policy of promoting our people based on merit.

Work/Life Balance

We are one of the leading law offices implemented 5-day-officework in the legal industry. Apart from routine office works, circular activities are regularly arranged for staff and their beloved family members.

There’s really only one way to find out. Contact us, meet our people and, who knows, prepare to be surprised.

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Please contact our HR manager for more information about employment opportunities, and send your cover letter and resume to our recruitment e-mail address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..