"We Care Your Needs - CHEER"
[C] ommitment to our clients
[H] elping each other to achieve their potential
[E] xcellence in everyone and everything
[E] ntrepreneurial spirit
[R] especting every individual

We emphasis the values we share, we aim to strengthen what makes us successful, to discourage those things that hinder our progress, and to make a clear statement about our identity. We want all our members to be proud of being a part of Chak & Associates and that we are respected in the legal industry.

Commitment to our clients
  • Understand and care about our clients' business and help them to develop and succeed
  • Be proactive, anticipating our client’s needs and providing timely, clear and practical solutions
  • Shape and manage our clients' expectations and not afraid to challenge them when necessary
  • Enjoy working with our clients and want them to enjoy working with us
  • Develop a good relationship with our clients based on trust, mutual respect and integrity
Helping each other to achieve their potential
  • Cherish our people's talents and help bring out their best qualities
  • Give feedback, guidance and opportunities to each other and enable them to get the most out of their jobs
  • Maintain a learning culture and share our knowledge and ideas
  • Our people we grow, we growth
Excellence in everyone and everything
  • Always strive to be the best
  • Enable everyone who works with us - our people, our clients, our business partners - to excel
  • Deliver technical excellence and value beyond it
  • Ensure that the work we do, our processes and service delivery are consistently of the highest quality
  • Open to constructive criticism and to suggestions for improvement
Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Build the legal practice on the energy and enterprise of individuals and teams
  • Encourage members to show initiative and take responsibility
  • Be innovative and forward-thinking
  • Enjoy our achievements, but always strive to go further
  • Put the interests of Chak & Associates ahead of individual
  • Share the success of Chak & Associates
Respecting every individual
  • Ensure a good team spirit and friendly working environment
  • Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
  • Help and support each other
  • Care about people's well-being and respect the need for life outside work
  • Have fun to work at Chak & Associates