Chak and Associates is a Hong Kong based law firm, advising corporations and financial institutions throughout the Asia Pacific. Chak's is resourced by approximately 30 employees, including approximately 6 professional qualified staff and operates in two centres in Hong Kong and China.Compliments from some of our clients: Chak & Associates sets the bar in terms of quality, industry understanding and thorough, useful advice. In Hong Kong, Chak & Associates has been operating for over 12 years, providing strategic legal advice to clients across the region. Our firm offers a full service commercial capability and has established strong working and referral relationships. We have considerable experience in instructing top domestic law firms and leading legal experts across a wide range of areas. We emphasis the values we share, we aim to strengthen what makes us successful, to discourage those thing that hinder our progress, and to make a clear statement about our identity. We want all our members to be proud of being a part of Chak & Associates as we are well respected in the legal industry. If you want to learn more about us, please click the links below: