child service

We endeavor to serve the community through volunteering activities particularly to bring services to the elderly and the child. More importantly, we truly believe that these activities can further strengthen the bonds between people and bring prosperity and stability to the society.

Service for the Elderly

  1. Emotional Stress (due to death of a spouse, retirement from work, or social isolation)
  2. Deteriorating health conditions (such as chronic illness, mentally disorder or immobility)
  3. Lack of social respect and value
  4. Inability to face and manage crisis

In order to further understand and focus to this problem, we have been participating as volunteers in the Outreach Befriending Services for Suicidal Elderly holding by the Hong Kong Suicide Prevention Services (HKSPS). Through this activity, we can reach out and provide visit service for more elderly to bring them warmth and care. HKSPS has arranged this outreach activity during mid-autumn festival in 2010 as the elderly usually feels lonely on these special and traditional days.

We were arranged to visit the single elderly at Ping Shek Estate and presented them a gift pack including mooncake, pear, and water. Some staff have even brought along their children to participate in this meaningful event.

And last year, we were participated in the "Dong Gua" (Don't suicide) Elderly Visit Program, which was one of the annual large-scale visit program of HKSPS. In this activity, we delivered the Dong Gua beverage to the elderly.

Service for the Child

The other mission of the Chak & Associates is "Respecting every individual".  Not only we should help and support each other, we should also care about people's well-being and respect the need for life outside work.

To uplift this spirit, we have held the Christmas party in Tin Shui Wai every December since 2006. Through these events, we want to bring joy, laughter, warmth, care and love to the children who are from the broken families through games, singing and dancing on such a special day.  In 2006, there were around 15 staff to serve 30 children.

And in 2007, the number of staff has expanded to 30 to serve about 60 families and close to 90 children. Since 2008, interesting activities were added to make Christmas even more memorable to the kids. Not only there were Santa Claus distributing presents, but also balloons were passing around along with music. We sang, we danced, and we also played "Thomas Train" with little kids. We also had a delicious Christmas Lunch with lots of laughter! The last but not the least, we prayed to God for such a fantastic Christmas we all spent together. Feeling the excitement of the smiles worn from the kids, every one of our staff doubtlessly was as satisfied and appreciated as the kids in this Christmas. What an exceptional and rewarding experience!!!!!!
God bless!

School Talk

In May 2006, our company went to Salesian English School for a Law Lecture "Brief Introduction to Hong Kong Judicial System, Differences Between Civil Law and Criminal Law." Out of expectation, primary school students are a lot smarter than we can imagine. As technology is getting more and more developed, kids know wider variety of information about basic legal areas and systems through TV dramas, not to mention that civil education also covers laws information as exam syllabus.

In order to attract their attention, we designed games and activities for the kids. Knowing that all kids have talents in bargaining, we decided to present the details of a scenario to them. Several students were picked out to be prosecution and defense lawyers. Their enthusiasm in expressing and talking surprised us, not to mention that their speeches were also strong and relevant. It is irrefutable that education is crucial if a law-abiding society is concerned. Chak & Associates performs a role model for the youth to follow.

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