green power

C&A Green Power Campaign

All members in Chak & Associates share the desire and responsibilities to protect our environment as we all deserve a pollution-free place to stay and a better living environment for our next generations. We highly support all kinds of environmental protection projects and implements the message of ‘Less Power, Less Rubbish, Less Paper, Less Carbon Dioxide, More Recycle’ in the office.

In an effort to reduce paper use in our office, we have an initiative to encourage double sided printing or photocopying whenever practical. In this way, it does not only reduce the paper consumption, but also can save money, energy, trees and eventually the global amount of carbon dioxide. Another way to minimize the paper use in the firm is to promote electronic filing. Instead of printing every document or email, we would rather save and achieve them in the electronic format whenever practical. We are strongly recommended to use plastic cups, utensils, and food containers to avoid the use of disposable cups, dishes, and utensils in the office. To save power in the firm, we all volunteer to ensure lights and equipments are off at the end of everyday, especially on Fridays and even during lunch hours. We also set our computer monitors, office equipments particularly the photocopiers into ‘sleep mode’ when they are not in use.

We always believe that every easy and little tasks in the office can promote an eco-friendly environment and potentially make a difference in the community.

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