Chak and Associates has a young and energetic culture and at the same time we clearly identify our strengths in commercial and China practice. We aim to position ourselves high in the legal industry; it is to be accomplished through realizing our firm's mission. It is abbreviated as the word “CHEER”, which also help illustrate our value to bring satisfaction to our clients as well as our staff.

[C] ommitment to our clients 
[H] elping each other to achieve their potential 
[E] xcellence in everyone and everything 
[E] ntrepreneurial spirit 
[R] especting every individual

We emphasize the values we share, and introduce concrete measures and policies to put our belief into practice. By bringing out the best potentials of our member of staff, we are determined to benefit our clients with our expertises. The management team is prepared to cope with changes in the dynamic business environment so as to provide the best and the most innovative solutions to our clients. We keep track of the development in the legal practice to maintain our competitiveness and improve the operations and services provided.